Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis Help - 4 Reasons Why BV Keeps Recurring

Published: 19th August 2009
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Bacterial Vaginosis is the most commonly found inflammation of the female genitals that takes place as a result of a PH and bacterial imbalance. If you are regularly going through recurrent bacterial vaginosis, do not despair! There are proven methods that have worked for thousands of women for the very first time and it will work for you too if you apply the simple steps.

Treatment Options for Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis:

There are many different options when it comes to treating recurrent bacterial vaginosis. The most common treatment options include antibiotic treatment and different types of home remedies such as live yogurt, garlic, cider vinegar or tea tree oil. Some of these treatments are able to provide temporary relief from the embarrassing odor, the itchiness, the burning sensation and the abnormal discharge, however most treatments fail to address the root causes of this condition. The best treatment methods primarily focus on re-balancing the harmful and beneficial bacteria to its normal level to maintain the natural PH balance.

Because of the remaining imbalance with most treatments, recurrent bacterial vaginosis can cause discomfort for a woman as often as once per month. Others may experience the embarrassing symptoms 3 to 6 times a year.

There are 4 reasons why Bacterial Vaginosis keeps recurring:

• Bacterial Vaginosis previously resolved by itself. - BV can sometimes resolve by itself without any treatment. However there are certain factors associated with BV that can cause repeated outbreaks.

• Antibiotic treatment. - Whenever there is an infection in our body that's caused by harmful bacteria, doctors traditionally prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics - that can be taken internally or applied topically - destroy the harmful bacteria as well as the beneficial bacteria indiscriminately. This method of treatment rapidly masks the symptoms, but without eliminating the root causes. The beneficial bacteria's rate of re-growth is slower than the harmful bacteria's. So when the bacteria start to repopulate again, the PH level and the bacterial flora remain out of balance.

• Natural remedies used with limited success. There are many different natural remedies and self-help strategies that have become popular with women for a good reason. Natural ingredients are very easy to get hold of, safe to use and have proven to be extremely effective providing in many cases instant relief from recurrent bacterial vaginosis. These methods focus on dealing with the root causes of BV and cost a lot less, than visiting your doctor. However you need to apply the right combination the right way, depending on your individual needs to achieve rapid and permanent results. To be sure of a safe and effective natural home treatment, use a legitimate source of information.

• Hormonal changes in the body. - Current medical research suggests that hormonal changes during pregnancy, before or during menopause, using hormonal birth control, hormone changes during the menstrual cycle can upset the natural bacterial and PH levels of the vaginal flora. This can be easily and quickly resolved by using the right combination of natural ingredients.

You are certainly not alone in searching for a remedy for recurrent bacterial vaginosis! It is estimated that 64% of women will suffer from this condition at some time in their lives during their reproductive years. If you are suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis, do not leave it untreated. Not only the symptoms are irritating and very unflattering, but it can lead to other health complications too.

I was once in your shoes and believe me, I know how you feel.

But while many of us will try an array of formulas to get rid of the condition, we fail to realize how much time goes by and the suffering continues on. Dealing with the itching, the discharge and the fishy-like odor can be extremely irritating and upsetting. Covering up the odor, running to the restroom, seeking a cure takes a lot of time and continuous effort.

Thanks to I was able to obtain fast and permanent relief targeting the root cause of BV and not only masking the symptoms temporarily. and avoid recurrences.

BV After Antibiotics

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